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Ballet themed Easter egg hunt

It’s almost Easter and we’re soooo excited. If your kids love ballet we thought it would be really fun to have a ballet theme to the Easter egg hunt. Let the egg hunt begin!

1) The Easter bunny was feeling in a lively mood today

so this egg hunt is ballet themed, are you ready to play?

Your first clue is hidden beneath the kitchen table

show us first position before you find this new clue label.

2) The Easter bunny said he’d like to see an arabesque

then off to find the next clue beneath the computer desk.

3) A princess walk is needed with lovely pointed toes

straight to the princess’ bedroom where the sleepy princess goes.

4) The final clue is resting upon the bathroom rug,

can you show us fourth position before you run to look?

5) Hurrah, you’ve found me! Now I guess you’d like your prize…

you’ll find it in the garden, in a special shoe it lies.

Easter egg ballet shoe pic.jpg

Hopefully you’ll hear squeals of delight as your children find that the Easter bunny has left them some chocolate eggs tucked into one of their ballet slippers. Whoever knew the Easter bunny loved ballet!

Add more clues, make up your own or print out ours. Most importantly, have fun!

Happy egg hunting, from the Twinklesteps team 🙂