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10 Fun Ways to Enjoy World Dance Day with Kids

With World Dance Day ready to leap into action on April 29th we thought we’d give you a few fun suggestions of ways you could celebrate it with your children. 1) Dance somewhere different. How about dancing in the park, in the supermarket, in the sandpit, on your garden wall, in the swimming pool or in the bathroom!

Ballet in the Bathroom

Ballet in the Bathroom

2) Make some World Dance Day celebratory footwear and add some bling to your ballet shoes! Read our post on decorating your ballet shoes here for inspiration.

Ballet Shoe Rosebuds

Ballet Shoe Rosebuds

3) Put on music which never fails to get your feet tapping  – you know what tracks get you twirling, swirling, stomping, sliding and spinning.

Music tracks to get your feet tapping

Music tracks to get your feet tapping

4) Find a friend to join in the fun. Can you dance with your whole body from your head to your toes – even your tongue can dance!

Dancing with your dog!

Dancing with your dog!

5) It’s time to treat yourself and the kids to some live ballet. Check out our ballet events page to see what’s on in the world of ballet – let us know if you hear of any must see ballet shows suitable for kids 🙂 6) What’s your child’s favourite book? Could they act it out in dance and do a little performance for you and the family? These excerts from Northern Ballet’s ‘The Three Little Pigs’ might kickstart ideas: 7) Sign up for a dance class and try something new. We’re obviously big ballet fans here and would humongously recommend trying ballet whether you’re a child or a parent, but if you’re already doing ballet well hey, why not try something else too? See what’s on near you and give it a whirl, a wiggle or a wobble. 8) Get inspired with some new dance moves by checking out this World Dance Day Celebration video from Slovakia! It’s a lot of fun 🙂 9) Check out ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong‘ and enjoy World Dance Day by snuggling up together at the end of the day with this action packed ballet themed adventure book.

Twinklesteps Ballet Adventure Book

Twinklesteps Ballet Adventure Book

10) And if you didn’t get chance to dance ALL DAY on World Dance Day, make sure you dance in the dark!

Ballet by moonlight

Ballet by moonlight

Happy World Dance Day from all the team at Twinklesteps. Let us know what you get up to in the comments section below. Watch out for our World Dance Day drawing competition winners being announced next week – exciting!

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Last Chance to Enter our Kids Drawing Competition

Only ONE WEEK left to enter your child’s dance inspired drawing into our World Dance Day inspired drawing competition!!

One Week Left-Dance Drawing Competition

Does your child love to dance? Do they love ballet or leaping around the house and garden practising their favourite dance moves? Are they nifty with a colouring pen, cheeky with chalks, potty about paints or creative with crayons? Would your child love to win a ballerina goodie bag and our ballet adventure book ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong’? We’ve set up a competition in honour of International Dance Day on April 29th. If you have a child aged 3-8 years they can enter their dance inspired drawing by emailing marie@twinklesteps.com or by uploading it direct to our Facebook page competition tab here before April 22nd.


Here’s the prize:Twinklesteps ballet book and ballet goodies


..and here’s what’s in the ballerina goodie bag in more detail:

Ballet gifts

We can’t wait to see your entries, we’ve had some lovely ones which you can see in our special photo album right here. You can also read more about the competition on our blog here and find out more about International Dance Day here.

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Have an actively awesome Easter, from the Twinklesteps team 🙂

P.S – don’t forget to try our ballet themed Easter Egg Hunt!

Make Magical Flying Wrist Bands

Here’s an action packed craft activity inspired by Twinklesteps’ friend Jett. It is sure to get children excited (boys and girls both love this one), it’s super quick to make, really fun to play with and guaranteed to result in lots of leaping, jumping and giggling! All you need is some paper, colouring pens and sellotape. If you want to ramp things up you could also grab some glitter, glue, paper and stickers, or whatever you or your child take a shine to. The choice is yours…

First cut off some strips of paper and decorate them in any way you like. Maybe like this one with lots of glitter, sticking and hole punching:

Craft - magical flying wrist bands

…or you could keep it simple like these ones:

Craft - magical flying wrist bands 2

Then sellotape the paper strips into circles and wear them like a wristband. It’s now up to your child’s imagination to try out some flying or, if you’re feeling energetic, you could play too and whizz them around the room like superman. Here’s one of our Twinklesteps fans trying out her magical wristbands:

Flying with magical wristbands

If you want to see the original flying wrist bands, here’s a picture of Jett. Find out more about him and the rest of Twinklesteps World here.


We hope you enjoyed this activity. Let us know how you get on and make sure to post any of your own crafty wrist bands on our Facebook page. If you enjoy our blog posts, make sure you subscribe to get them pinging straight into your inbox. Look over to your right and hit the ‘ooo yes please’ button 😉

Happy Flying from the Twinklesteps team.

Twinklesteps Pancake Tutu Recipe

It’s almost that time of year again when we start making floury clouds in the kitchen and twirling pancakes in the air. We were so excited about pancake day here at Twinklesteps that we have developed our own Twinklesteps pancake recipe for you with a special ballet twist. The fact that ballerinas wear ‘Pancake Tutus’ inspired us to have a go at making our own edible ones! Scroll down to see our creative take on the classic lemon and sugar pancake…

Twinklesteps Pancake Tutu Recipe


110g/4oz plain flour
pinch salt
2 eggs
200ml/7 fl oz milk mixed with 75ml/3 fl oz water
50g/2oz butter

Tutu Topping: 

Icing sugar, lemon slices


1) Sift the flour and salt together. Make a well in the centre of the flour and break the eggs into it. Whisk the eggs incorporating flour from around the edge of the bowl as you do so.
2) Add small quantities of the milk and water mix and whisk until smooth.
3) Melt the butter and spoon 2 tbsp into the batter and whisk in. Use the rest for frying.
4) Heat some butter in the frying pan and spoon enough batter to cover the base. Cook both sides of the pancake until golden brown.
5) Cut a circle of paper about the same size as the base of your frying pan. Fold it in half, quarters then eighths. Cut out shapes to design your pancake tutu template.
6) Lay the template over your freshly cooked pancake. Sieve icing sugar over the top and lay a slice of lemon in the middle. Voila! You are the proud creator of a pancake tutu – enjoy!

Twinklesteps Pancake Tutu Recipe

Twinklesteps Pancake Tutu

Happy pancake day from the Twinklesteps team and have fun with the kids getting creative with your pancakes. If you want to get pancake tutu inspiration, check out our pinterest board. If you’d like your very own sparkly Twinklesteps tutu visit our shop.

Creative Ballet Shoe Ideas

Who loves being creative? Well this week we thought it would be fun to be creative with ballet shoes. Children love using ballet and dance to transport them into a different place and one really fun way of encouraging young children to love putting on their ballet shoes is to decorate them.

Pipe cleaners are a really easy way to get started and can add a bit of colour and sparkle. Twirl and twist them into shapes:

Creative Decorated Children's Ballet Shoes - pipecleaner flower decorations

Creative Decorated Ballet Shoes - pipecleaner twirls

Another simple idea is to attach a flower to each ballet slipper: dried or fresh both work well.

Creative Decorated Children's Ballet Shoes - dried flower decorations

Creative Decorated Ballet Shoes - Flower Decorations

Have any scraps of tulle laying about? How about a tulle rose or ribbons. If you don’t have any, scraps of any material would work well:

Creative Decorated Ballet Shoes  - tulle roses

Decorates Creative Ballet Shoes - tulle ribbon

You could do this activity with your child or give them some materials and leave them to it. Here’s the results of one of our Twinkle fans, aged 4:

Creative Decorated Children's Ballet Shoes - heart decorated

Now it’s time to enjoy some dancing and dressing up. Put on some music and have fun!

Do post any creative ballet shoe ideas you’ve tried to us at info@twinklesteps.com or post your photos on our Facebook page. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Psssst, watch for our very special sparkly ballet slippers coming soon in our shop.

Happy dancing and decorating, from the Twinkle Team.