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Twinklesteps’ Best Stocking Fillers for Girls

Do you have a little girl who loves dressing up, imaginative play, dancing and magic? Then this is the blog you need to read! Not only do we have a special discount offer on our unique light-up ballet shoes (see picture below) running from today until the 15th December (see our Facebook page for the discount code!), we have a delight of stocking filler fairy and dance inspired goodies for you.

Light up Twinklesteps ballet shoes, ballet adventure book and crown

 Top Stocking Filler! Ballet Adventure Book

Our popular Twinklesteps ballet adventure book ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong’ is a brilliant read either for young readers (age 6 +) or to read to younger children. Learn some ballet moves, meet the Growling Goblin (he’s not that scary really 😉 and discover why all the birdsong has disappeared from Twinklesteps’ garden. This book is aimed to inspire young children to enjoy dancing and has proved popular with fans:

“I so love this book and the beautiful illustrations. My little girl is only 3 1/2 but adored the story and the pictures and asked me to read it three times back to back!”

Buy yours here.

Ballerina Necklace

Ballerina necklace

A lovely little treasure to find tucked into a Christmas stocking. This pretty necklace will have pride of place in a jewellery box and it’s a great price too at just £2.50 🙂 Buy yours here.

Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust

Twinklesteps, the fairy ballerina, loves to take a little bottle of fairy dust with her when she goes off on her adventures. This perfect and tiny little pressy will add some extra magic to Christmas. Coming in a pretty, pink organza bag and only £1.50 you can’t get better than this for a perfect stocking filler. Buy yours here.

Ballet shoe purse

Twinklesteps purse

A great little purse for keeping your pocket money in or your hair bobbles ready for a ballet class. Coming with three pink hair bands this will make another great present to fill up a Christmas stocking. Buy yours here.

Butterfly Wand

Wings, wand, tiara set

What Christmas would be complete without some dressing up and dancing. A wand will encourage imaginative play, and lots of smiling 🙂 Buy yours here at the bargain price of £1.99.

We have loads more dance and magic inspired goodies in our shop as well as dance kit – have a browse here. If you haven’t yet seen our our new light-up ballet shoes we have a discount for you of £5 off – visit our Facebook Page to find out the code. This is only valid until the 15th December so HURRY!!

Have a fantastic Christmas full of dancing, magic and mischief, love from the Twinklesteps team 🙂 x

Light-up Christmas with Twinklesteps’ new ballet shoes

Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling….Christmas is coming and we already know lots of parents who will have children smiling from ear to ear after receiving some Twinklesteps light-up ballet shoes this year. If you haven’t bought a pair yet you have until the 1st December to take advantage of the 20% launch discount rate. Here is a reminder of what they look like and below are 10 gobsmacking reasons why they would make the best Christmas present EVER:

Dressing up sparkly light up ballet shoes for kids that love to dance.

1) If your child loves to dance this is the gift for them. What could be more irresistible to dance in than beautiful glittery ballet shoes which light up when you dance, twirl, leap or pirouette! (P.S – some adults have bought them too, so big or little, they’re popular with anyone who loves to dance 🙂

2) These ballet shoes are unique – you won’t find them anywhere else. They even come with a little bag of jewels so you can personalise them further. Ooooo the fun of it..

3) It won’t only be the Christmas tree which sparkles in the dark this year, these shoes provide a pretty awesome light show if you switch off the lights and watch your child leap about in them. “I love my feet dancing in the dark. They’re pretty!” Freya, age 4

4) These dressing up ballet shoes encourage imaginative play. They’re so magical and other worldly any child won’t be able to help imagining themselves away into another time and place. The shoes are based on the magical character of Twinklesteps, a little girl who is also a fairy, who LOVES to dance and has shoes that sparkle when she points her toes.

When I put on my light up shoes I pretend I’m a fairy ballerina like Twinklesteps. I like making up my own dances and do little shows for my mummy. I pretend I’m on stage and everyone can see my shoes lighting up when I dance.”  Lwsi, age 4

5) They’re affordable, especially with our fab discount until December 1st – buy your pair quickety quick!

6) They’re perfect for any little girl who aspires to be a ballerina, whether they go to ballet classes or not. These light up ballet shoes are aimed at any child who loves dressing up and imaginative play so they don’t have to be going to a ballet classes to imagine they’re dancing like a true ballerina.

7) The lights are made to last. The unit has been programmed to turn off the led lights automatically, if there is no movement after 30 seconds . The shoes can then be carried in a dance or school bag and so saving the life of the battery. It is even possible to change the battery if need be.

8) The shoes are comfortable – an impressive feat considering a ballet shoe has virtually no sole and is of very thin fabric and leather. The unit has been attached safely to the shoe under a beautiful butterfly and has been given the thumbs up in terms of comfort from wearers.

9) Remember that excitement of opening your presents on Christmas Day? Well this is the sort of present that will make Christmas magical: spine-tinglingly, dance for joy type magical too. Who needs a white Christmas when you can spirit yourself away to a magical world: dancing in Frozen’s ice and snow with Elsa or dancing through the jungle as Pocahontas. Yippee!

10) Our fab Twinklesteps dressing up shoes would be the perfect accompaniment to a Twinklesteps book for a child who loves to read and explore the world of dance through a magical character. We also sell accessories and dance kit, both for the dance studio or for imaginative play. Explore our shop here.

We’re so excited about our new Twinklesteps dressing up shoes and we hope you will be too. The Twinklesteps brand is all about inspiring & motivating young children to enjoy the world of ballet & dance through imagination & play and we hope you delight in seeing a special someone you love being inspired to dance through our new light up shoes. Here they are in our shop at the special launch discount rate of £19.99 for just one more week! Check them out and let us know what you think, either here on our blog or on our Facebook page 🙂

Happy dancing from the Twinklesteps team.

Twinklesteps Top Tips for a Fun-Filled Christmas

Can you hear the faint tinkling of bells in the distance? With only days to go until the big day we thought it was time for a few very special Twinkle Tips on having a fun-filled Christmas. Have a wonderful, magical Christmas everyone and make sure you follow tip 10 🙂

1)   Before the wrapping paper is cleared away have some fun with it. How about some juggling?

2)   See how many different flavours you can taste all day. Can you make it to 10, or 20!

Twinklesteps Tea Party

3)   Try some creative dancing to your favourite Christmas carols. Can you do a series of sautés to Ding Dong Merrily on High or dance a nautical tale to I Saw Three Ships? Make your own festive head dress using ivy, mistletoe and holly (if you’re careful – ouch!) to get you into character.

4)    Go on the hunt for your very own treasures to hang up as decorations. Here are some of Twinklesteps favourites:

Treasure decorations

5)   Leave a joke for santa. Cheer him up whilst he eats mince pies and sips his sherry before zipping off back up your chimney. How about this one:

Why was Cinderella such a poor football player? She had a pumpkin for a coach!

6)   Use your ballet shoes as a stocking – leave them out and see what goodies santa leaves behind!

Ballet shoes

7)   Try making your own tutu out of tinsel. Tie a bit around your waist and loop a few more pieces over and over it. Can you dance like the sugar plum fairy?

8)   Try some ballet crafts. We love these snowflake ballerinas (template here):

Snowflake Ballerina Craft

Snowflake Ballerina Craft

9)   Worn out? Have some fun and try our dressing up Twinklesteps game.

10)  And finally, make sure you give out plenty of cuddles 😉

twinklesteps and her cat

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from the Twinkle Team xx

Top Christmas pressies for children who love ballet

YIPPEE, Christmas is just around the corner and we’re very excited here in Twinklesteps Land! Inspired by the amount of lovely ballet themed goodies there are out there we thought we’d write you a top ten list of Christmas Presents for children who love ballet, dancing and magical make believe. Some are our own beloved Twinklesteps products and some are things we adore and can’t resist sharing.

1) This very pretty, sparkly ballet skirt, with hundreds of little holograms that sparkle when they catch the light, is a magical must-have!

Sparkly Skirt and wand

Sparkly Skirt and wand

2) This musical box by Enchantmints is gorgeous with loads of compartments for all your treasures.

Enchantmints Ballet School Music Box

Enchantmints Ballet School Music Box

3) This is super cute. A ballerina drinks bottle which is beautifully illustrated and teaches you dance moves. For sale at Dance Wear Central.

Tyrrell Katz Ballet Drinking Bottle

Tyrrell Katz Ballet Drinking Bottle

4) This is a present to treasure. A wooden musical box with figures dancing to Swan Lake. Just gorgeous.

Ballet Theatre Music Box

Ballet Theatre Music Box

5) A perfect size for a santa sack or chunky Christmas stocking, ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong’ is our recommended Christmas read to get the magic swirling during the festive season. Find out about our very special introductory offer here.

Twinklesteps birdsong ballet book

Twinklesteps birdsong ballet book

6) Another lovely gift from Dancewear Central is this pretty ballet charm bracelet:

Child's charm bracelet

Child’s charm bracelet

7) This is a lovely idea. Get creative with this ballerina doll kit available at Artifolk.

Easy-to-do Doll Making Kit - Ballerina

Easy-to-do Doll Making Kit – Ballerina

8) Hours of fun with this ballerina dress up puzzle by Melissa and Doug, available from Mulberry Bush.

Ballerina Dress Up Peg Puzzle

Ballerina Dress Up Peg Puzzle

9) Beautiful ballerina skipping rope from Makes a Change which will keep your child on their toes! What’s more it’s fair-trade too. Brilliant!

Ballet Dancer Skipping Rope

Ballet Dancer Skipping Rope

10) No Christmas stocking would be complete without a little bottle of fairy dust. Let the magic begin…and for £1.50 you can’t go wrong! Comes with a lovely little note from Twinklesteps, the fairy ballerina 🙂 Find out more here.

Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust

11) Finally, we’re adding a cheeky number 11 which is a link to ideas from Zazzle which would appeal to boys as well as girls. Featuring ideas like this Nutcracker keyring we hope you’ll find something for every ballet mad child 🙂

Nutcracker Keyring

Nutcracker Keyring

For more ballet inspired Christmas goodies and ideas see our Pinterest board ‘Ballet Inspired Christmas‘.

Merry Christmas from the Twinkle Team.