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The Easiest Ballerina Pops in the World!

We’ve created our very own ballerina cake pops here at Twinklesteps HQ and we’re proud to say, they’re so easy to make that even the Growling Goblin could make them:

The easiest ballerina pops in the world!

The easiest ballerina pops in the world!


Mini meringues
Mini marshmallows
Pop Sticks (or kebab sticks)
Pink Sugar Sprinkles
Icing sugar (c. 1 dessert spoon)
Ribbon (to decorate)


As you can see, the meringue and marshmallows are threaded onto the pop sticks. Because the pop sticks have a flat end, it’s easier to spear the ingredients with a cocktail stick first and then thread onto the sick.

Insert a mini marshmallow onto the stick first to stop the meringue sliding off, add the meringue then finish with two pink marshmallows. Mix the icing sugar with a few drops of water to make a paste and brush around the marshmallow with a pastry brush before sprinkling on the pink sugar sprinkles.

Tie some ribbon around and voilà!

Ballerina Cake Pops

We hope you have lots of fun making these tasty treats at your next ballet themed party 🙂

Love from the Twinklesteps Team x