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Meet Twinklesteps’ Friends

Today we wanted to introduce a few of the colourful characters in Twinklesteps World and we’d LOVE to know what you think of them. Our first book about Twinklesteps is now available to delight young readers but our next two books (coming soon) will also introduce her friends who love ballet too. Can’t WAIT!!

Firstly meet Juliette. She is cool and laid back but fiercely loyal and will always defend her friends even if she has to draw on her hidden fiery nature! She is witty and often finds things funny that others don’t. What do you suppose she’s thinking about here?

Juliette ballerina friend

And here’s Aurora. She’s so happy and outgoing and always seems to be smiling. She has a good heart and a fun and colourful dress sense. She loves to play practical jokes and although she always means well she can get carried away at times! What do you think she’s been up to today?

aurora ballerina friend

Less loud but very lovely is Giselle. She’s quieter than Aurora and tends to worry about things. She is clever and although she lacks confidence, with the encouragement of her friends she can shine through and solve problems! Do you think she’s worrying about anything at the moment?

Giselle ballerina friend

Don’t forget Jett who often joins Twinklesteps on her adventures (watch out for our next book!). He loves dancing too and gymnastics. He flies with the aid of his special wrist bands. He is strong, enjoys a joke and is always ready for action. Where do you think he’s just been flying to?

Jett ballerina friend

There’s also Twinklesteps well loved pets. Tango is Twinklesteps’ feisty, male cat. He is clever and independent, which sometimes gets him into trouble!

Tango the Cat

….and Samba who is Twinklesteps’ cuddly female dog. She is friendly, lively and loyal and she’s always ready to play.

Samba the Dog

Lastly, meet someone who is definitely NOT a friend of Twinklesteps. The Growling Goblin is no friend to Twinklesteps, Jett or anyone for that matter! He lives in a little cottage in the hills and grumbles and growls about everything. He always seems to be in a bad mood and is usually trying to stop everyone from having fun.

Goblin Twinklesteps Ballet World

Who is your favourite character? We’d love to know – is it the grumpy goblin, cuddly dog or shy Giselle? Let us know below or on our Facebook page.

Make sure you buy our first book here to help your child enjoy the world of ballet and dance and learn some basic steps. It even comes with a little fairy dust pouch for only £4.99 🙂

Have a lovely day, from the Twinklesteps team 🙂


Garden flower ballerina games

Have you got ballerinas hiding in your garden? If you look carefully you’re sure to find some, you might find they even dance in the breeze! A great game to play is looking around the garden and seeing how many different flower ballerinas you and your child can find. If you have lots like these fushias, why not pick a few and play with a whole fairy ballerina family. You could watch how the flowers move in the breeze and ask your child if they can move like a fairy ballerina too: light, airy and gracefully.

Fushia ballerina.jpg

These flowers might not look so much like a ballerina, but they do bare a resemblance to a tutu. Maybe your child will be inspired to put on a tutu or a swooshy skirt and dance like a flower ballerina. Imagination and inspiration brings out some very expressive dancing 🙂

Flower ballerina tutuIf those flowers reminded you more of a pancake tutu, these ones might remind you of a Romantic tutu:Flower fairy hat

I wonder if the designers of Marie Taglioni’s beautiful Romantic tutu were inspired by nature?

Marie Taglioni wearing a 'Romantic Tutu'

Marie Taglioni wearing a ‘Romantic Tutu’

Do you think Twinklesteps skirt looks like a flower? – she is a nature lover after all and likes nothing better than practicing her ballet in the garden with the birds.

Practising ballet in the garden

Have some fun in the garden looking for flower ballerinas and dancing using movements and dressing up inspired by nature. Don’t forget you can buy our sparkly tutus and ballet adventure book (which the image above is taken from), in our shop here.

Have  fun dancing and exploring outdoors, from the Twinklesteps team 🙂

10 Fun Ways to Enjoy World Dance Day with Kids

With World Dance Day ready to leap into action on April 29th we thought we’d give you a few fun suggestions of ways you could celebrate it with your children. 1) Dance somewhere different. How about dancing in the park, in the supermarket, in the sandpit, on your garden wall, in the swimming pool or in the bathroom!

Ballet in the Bathroom

Ballet in the Bathroom

2) Make some World Dance Day celebratory footwear and add some bling to your ballet shoes! Read our post on decorating your ballet shoes here for inspiration.

Ballet Shoe Rosebuds

Ballet Shoe Rosebuds

3) Put on music which never fails to get your feet tapping  – you know what tracks get you twirling, swirling, stomping, sliding and spinning.

Music tracks to get your feet tapping

Music tracks to get your feet tapping

4) Find a friend to join in the fun. Can you dance with your whole body from your head to your toes – even your tongue can dance!

Dancing with your dog!

Dancing with your dog!

5) It’s time to treat yourself and the kids to some live ballet. Check out our ballet events page to see what’s on in the world of ballet – let us know if you hear of any must see ballet shows suitable for kids 🙂 6) What’s your child’s favourite book? Could they act it out in dance and do a little performance for you and the family? These excerts from Northern Ballet’s ‘The Three Little Pigs’ might kickstart ideas: 7) Sign up for a dance class and try something new. We’re obviously big ballet fans here and would humongously recommend trying ballet whether you’re a child or a parent, but if you’re already doing ballet well hey, why not try something else too? See what’s on near you and give it a whirl, a wiggle or a wobble. 8) Get inspired with some new dance moves by checking out this World Dance Day Celebration video from Slovakia! It’s a lot of fun 🙂 9) Check out ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong‘ and enjoy World Dance Day by snuggling up together at the end of the day with this action packed ballet themed adventure book.

Twinklesteps Ballet Adventure Book

Twinklesteps Ballet Adventure Book

10) And if you didn’t get chance to dance ALL DAY on World Dance Day, make sure you dance in the dark!

Ballet by moonlight

Ballet by moonlight

Happy World Dance Day from all the team at Twinklesteps. Let us know what you get up to in the comments section below. Watch out for our World Dance Day drawing competition winners being announced next week – exciting!

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Make Magical Flying Wrist Bands

Here’s an action packed craft activity inspired by Twinklesteps’ friend Jett. It is sure to get children excited (boys and girls both love this one), it’s super quick to make, really fun to play with and guaranteed to result in lots of leaping, jumping and giggling! All you need is some paper, colouring pens and sellotape. If you want to ramp things up you could also grab some glitter, glue, paper and stickers, or whatever you or your child take a shine to. The choice is yours…

First cut off some strips of paper and decorate them in any way you like. Maybe like this one with lots of glitter, sticking and hole punching:

Craft - magical flying wrist bands

…or you could keep it simple like these ones:

Craft - magical flying wrist bands 2

Then sellotape the paper strips into circles and wear them like a wristband. It’s now up to your child’s imagination to try out some flying or, if you’re feeling energetic, you could play too and whizz them around the room like superman. Here’s one of our Twinklesteps fans trying out her magical wristbands:

Flying with magical wristbands

If you want to see the original flying wrist bands, here’s a picture of Jett. Find out more about him and the rest of Twinklesteps World here.


We hope you enjoyed this activity. Let us know how you get on and make sure to post any of your own crafty wrist bands on our Facebook page. If you enjoy our blog posts, make sure you subscribe to get them pinging straight into your inbox. Look over to your right and hit the ‘ooo yes please’ button 😉

Happy Flying from the Twinklesteps team.

The Magic Word – new ballet show for children

The Twinklesteps team are delighted to hear that, following their sell out shows last year, Let’s All Dance returns with another gorgeous, classical ballet for children: ‘The Magic Word’. Their last ballet, The Princess & the Frog, was a magical fairy tale ballet with the theme of friendship at its core. Find out what more about ‘The Magic Word’…

In a secret, magical forest lives the beautiful Forest Queen. In the summer the forest is warm and the Queen loves dancing in the dappled sunlight. But in the winter she becomes cold and hungry.

ballet dancer magic word

One day she decides to visit the Forest Elf on the other side of the wood, as she knows he has food and a warm cloak.

ballet dancers magic word

But the Queen is rather spoilt and does not know how to ask nicely. Once she learns The Magic Word she discovers the beauty of sharing and the joys of true friendship.

Children will be enchanted by the magical dancers, stunning costumes and crystal clear story-telling. With themes of kindness, good manners and friendship this is a heart-warming tale for all ages. The show lasts approximately 45 minutes including a meet the dancers session afterwards.

So far there are tickets on sale at The Riverside Studios, London for 27th – 29th June. If you book tickets before the 28th Feb & then email info@lets-all-dance.co.uk quoting “Valentine Magic Word” you’ll receive an autographed poster. Book here.

If you’re a school or nursery, Let’s All Dance also take the show in to see you and are currently taking bookings for the autumn term.

Let us know if you go and see it and in the meantime enjoy some magical adventures with Twinklesteps the fairy ballerina and her magical ballet shoes in our new book: www.twinklesteps.com/shop-disappearing-birdsong.htm

From The Twinklesteps Team.

Imagination Dance Mat

What can you do to have fun at home on a rainy weekend? Whilst we’re big fans of dancing in the rain, sometimes you just want to wrap up, stay indoors and keep cosy. If you want to keep your kids active (and maybe even practising their ballet) and get the creative cogs a whirling, you need to create the outdoors indoors! Children love this..

Get out a large piece of paper (wall paper offcuts, old wrapping paper or a few pieces of paper stuck together) and suggest to to your child that they make up their own world to dance in. From there on in let your child’s imagination take over and, if you want to have some fun, join in too. You could either just use crayons or colouring pens or find some coloured paper to cut out and stick on.

We had fun with one of our Twinkle fans making ‘Strangeland’ complete with a river to paddle in and flowers to pick. It doesn’t take more than a sprinkling of imagination to make it come to life:
dance mat magic

Now comes the fun part. It’s time to dance! Take off your shoes and socks or put on your ballet shoes and explore your new world. Dip your feet in the river, ‘pick’ flowers, dance over the rainbow and wave some magic with your wand. How about putting on some music? Careful you don’t trip, we stuck our paper down with tape so it didn’t move about.

Dancing on the imagination dance mat

It’s easy to create an inspiring space to dance in and a fun way to spend a rainy morning. Have you made up your own dance space? Let us know in the comments below. If you want any accessories to make the magic complete, visit our shop for ideas.

A Twinklesteps adventure, brought to you by the Twinkle Team. Happy dancing 🙂

Kick off Your Shoes and Dance

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. It’s the time of year to feel optimistic and ready for new challenges and adventures. With that in mind we thought we’d share with you the perfect New Years Resolutions for parents and their young children to enjoy together. We love, love LOVE ballet but whether your kids love ballet and dancing like Twinklesteps or are mad about something entirely different, these ideas will put a spring in your step.


Kick of your shoes and dance!

There’s no better way to create some enjoyable moments together and happy memories than doing dancing or exercise together. There are lots of dance classes for children and dance classes for big people but not so much out there for you to enjoy together. If making up your own routine together is too daunting, we love this video by Scottish Ballet. Aimed at children aged 3-6 years this exercise routine is a gentle introduction to ballet and yoga moves. Tried and tested by one of our Twinkle fans it has our seal of approval and we recommend trying this together with your child if you want 15 minutes of pure pleasure: grab the moon, sprinkle fairy dust and enjoy being a tree blowing in the wind.

Grab a notepad and paper and get writing

Try writing a poem or story together. You could even act it out. Make up some costumes and props and you have a rainy afternoon sorted. Here’s a poem we wrote for National Poetry Day to inspire you: Dancing in the Rain. Why not try your own weather poem to get you started – it’s easy to act out sunshine, rain, wind and snow with movement and actions. If you or your child know any basic ballet steps, incorporate them into the story – point your toes!

Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

When is a stone not a stone? When you draw a picture on it and make it into a canvas. When is a skipping rope not a skipping rope? When you lay it down and balance on it like a tightrope walker. When is a rose not a rose? When it’s being transformed into magical fairy perfume:

Mix the fairy perfume

Mix the fairy perfume

What everyday things can you make extraordinary?

Let this year be the year of the book

There’s a storm brewing outside, the wind is battering the branches of the trees and howling like the Growling Goblin and rain is hammering on the windows. It’s the perfect time to curl up with your child, choose a book and let the magical world of words whisk you away on an adventure. We love books which inspire children to dance, which is why we wrote ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong‘. Learn about ballet and find out what the Growling Goblin has stolen in our ballet adventure about Twinklesteps and her magic ballet shoes.

Twinklesteps & the Disappearing Birdsong

Twinklesteps & the Disappearing Birdsong

What books inspire you to dance, practice your ballet, or make life more magical? Let us know in the comments below.

Have a magical year full of ballet, dancing and creativity. Oh, and LOTS of fun 🙂

From The Twinkle Team.