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Ballet Gifts for Girls

With Christmas just around the corner and the magical Nutcracker season underway we thought it was time to share some of our best ballet gifts for girls. We have some gorgeous dancewear, shoes, books and accessories which we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

Our Sparkling Ballet Tutu Skirt  is a beautiful addition to any girl’s ballet/dressing up wardrobe. It features one layer of pale pink tutu net and two overlapping top layers of hot pink tulle. Scattered with lots of little holograms that sparkle when they catch the light, it’s a skirt to have children pirouetting into their own magical world. It has a very soft stretch waist band in pale pink lycra, featuring the Twinklesteps logo in hot pink glitter text and Velcro fastening for easy fitting and comfort.

Sparkly Skirt and wand

Sparkly Skirt and wand

Wear with the Twinklesteps leotard, add some fairy wings, a butterfly wand and maybe some fairy dust and you are ready to practise your ballet and make some magic.

Our beautiful tutu skirts are made in the UK and at just £16.99 are really great value. Buy here.

Twinklesteps’ ballet bookTwinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong‘ is an action packed ballet adventure story. Twinklesteps the Ballerina Fairy uses her ballet skills and magical powers to defeat the Growling Goblin and help her friends. This highly illustrated little book can be shared with pre-readers or young readers up to 6+.

Twinklesteps birdsong ballet book

Twinklesteps birdsong ballet book

Find out all about the fairy who loves to dance and learn the names of some simple ballet steps as the story unfolds. One reader said: “Imaginatively written, beautifully illustrated and a perfect size for small hands to hold and treasure.” Buy here for just £5.45.

Our NEW sparkly light-up ballet shoes are a great present. The shoes light up when you dance and come with a little bag of jewels and stickers so you can decorate them too. A perfect present for all little fairy ballerinas who will love to see their ballet shoes sparkling when they dance, just like Twinklesteps’ shoes. They’re particularly magical when it’s dark! Sizes starting from as small as child size UK size 8/EU 26- adult size 5.5-6/EU39. Buy here.

Dressing up sparkly light up ballet shoes for kids that love to dance.

Did you know we have introduced our very own canvas split sole ballet shoes with sizes starting from as small as child size UK 6/EU 23?

ballet shoes

The shoes come with attached elastics, so no worrying about having time to sew! We love these shoes – just pull the draw strings for a more snug fit – easy peasy! Buy here.

Our shop also sells Camisole leotards in a beautiful classic style, with a moderate scoop back and coloured in pale pink. You can buy both with or without  the Twinklesteps logo across the front in hot pink glitter text.

Twinklesteps leotard
The leotard is smooth fitting in 92% cotton, 8% lycra with 100% cotton full front lining. Your child will feel like a ballerina in this beautiful classical style leotard which can be worn on its own or with the sparkly tutu skirt. Please check measurements in our Size page. Buy here.

We hope you enjoy browsing through our shop to see what inspiring dance goodies we have on offer. Don’t forget, if it’s too dark and cold to dance outside, you can practice your ballerina turns in the house 🙂

Have fun from the Twinklesteps team.


Shiny New Website now LIVE!

We’re SOOOOO excited here at Twinklesteps because we now have our fantastically super-duper shiny new website to share with you! We wanted to make it lots easier for you to find out all about us and browse in our shop for gorgeous dance wear, ballet shoes and gifts. You can also play games on Flash enabled devices: dress up Twinklesteps in her ballet outfits and choose her magical location – kids love it. We hope you like the new site as much as we do – let us know in the comments section below!

We’ve put some special offers up which will hopefully bring a smile to any young ballerina’s face. You can now buy Twinklesteps’ first ballet adventure book: ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong‘ with a ballerina goodie bag….a perfect present for a special someone.

Special ballerina gift offer

Special ballerina gift offer

How much do you actually know about Twinklesteps? You probably know she loves dancing and that she has magical ballet shoes. Did you know she also loves adventures, solving problems and making new friends? And that she’s is naturally curious, bold and sometimes a bit cheeky?! You can find out all about her in Twinklesteps World and you can read a beautifully illustrated online introduction by clicking the image below or right here:

Twinklesteps the fairy ballerina, an online introduction

Twinklesteps the fairy ballerina, an online introduction

You can now buy your child’s ballet shoes direct from our shop – yey! Our sparkly ballet play shoes are coming soon, with gorgeous lights that sparkle when your child dances – sign up to our enewsletter from the new website homepage to be get an alert when they’re launched.

We hope you find a little something to buy as a surprise for a special young dancer you know. Here’s that shop link again.

Happy browsing and dancing from the Twinklesteps team 🙂

We love ballet shoes

We love ballet shoes here at Twinklesteps. The possibilities feel endless and creativity flows freely once a child puts on a pair of ballet slippers. Even before children are old enough to learn ballet steps, just putting on ballet slippers can make them feel like a dancer and inspire them to do some creative movement. Ballet slippers are close fitting and comfortable and make the wearer feel elegant and light footed – they aren’t like other shoes in that they give the illusion and feel of being barefoot. They also enable the wearer to move from a flat footed position to an elevated position on the balls of their feet. Both ballet slippers and pointe shoes (see below) mean that when the dancer’s toes are pointed the ballet shoes extend the line of the leg to it’s longest possible appearance.

Twinklesteps dancing in her ballet shoes

Twinklesteps dancing in her ballet shoes

Most ballet slippers are made of a thin leather sole stitched to soft leather uppers and held onto the dancer’s foot with a single piece of elastic over the instep. Although leather is the most common material, ballet slippers can be made of satin or canvas as well. The colour of ballet slippers varies and although you’ll generally see them in pink or white (or black, white or skin tone for men), slippers can be made in any number of colours.

As well as ballet slippers, female ballet dancers also wear pointe shoes once their feet are strong enough and their teacher feels they’re ready. They have a solid toe box, called the block, that enables the dancer to lift up on to the points of their toes. Intrigued about pointe shoes? Find out more in this video:

Pointe shoes are almost always made from satin stitched to a stiff leather sole. The sole is designed to support the dancer’s arch when she lifts herself up onto the point of the shoe. The point itself, also known as the box or the block, is usually made of layers of material and glue that have dried into a hard platform for the dancer’s toes to stand on. See how pointe shoes are made in this video:

We’ve had a lot of fun on Pinterest putting together various ballet shoe boards. Check out our ‘Ballet Shoes for Dance and Play’ board here.

Happy dancing from the Twinklesteps Team. Watch out for our magical play shoes coming soon in our shop.

What are Tutus Made of?

What are Tutus made of? Sugar and spice and all things nice…

Sparkly Tutu Skirt and wand

Sparkly Tutu Skirt

Well they’re normally made from layers of tulle which is a fine, light-weight netting and the magic comes from the wearer. Not only are tutus beautiful, but the movement of the light layers of tulle show off the ballet dancer’s intricate footwork and exaggerate their graceful storytelling. This short video is a great intro on the different styles of tutu and well worth a watch:

When it comes to young children, tutus certainly have the power to transform the wearer into a magical world. It’s great fun to watch the transformation in a child when they put on their tutu: they immediately turn into a little ballet dancer doing lots of turns, little runs on their tip toes and big leaps. Fascinated by seeing how the skirt moves when they turn and seeing the beautiful, fairy-like fabric, is a great motivator in encouraging them to dance and be creative. Find out more about our own beautiful sparkly tutu skirts here and watch our video showing some simple exercises and creative movement your child can copy: CLICK HERE

The Fairy Dance

The Fairy Dance

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post from the Twinkle Team and do let us know your thoughts in the comments box below 🙂