Twinklesteps Dancing Puppet

CRAFT ACTIVITY: Today we have a fab craft resource for you! It’s a Twinklesteps dancing puppet and it’s super easy to make. All you have to do is download the following PDF and print it out. Roughly cut out Twinklesteps and stick onto card (an old cereal box will do). You then cut around her more carefully and also cut out the two circles on her dress. Then poke your index and middle finger through the holes and you have a fabulous puppet to dance across the table, around the room or up the stairs (Psssst! She likes dancing in the garden too). Guess what? You can even colour the picture in if you like too! Or why not put on some music to dance your puppet to? Hehe what fun.

Download the puppet PDF here: twinklepuppet.pdf

We hope your enjoy our little craft activity – it might be a good one to beat the wet weather blues 😉

From the Twinklesteps Team

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