Make Magical Flying Wrist Bands

Here’s an action packed craft activity inspired by Twinklesteps’ friend Jett. It is sure to get children excited (boys and girls both love this one), it’s super quick to make, really fun to play with and guaranteed to result in lots of leaping, jumping and giggling! All you need is some paper, colouring pens and sellotape. If you want to ramp things up you could also grab some glitter, glue, paper and stickers, or whatever you or your child take a shine to. The choice is yours…

First cut off some strips of paper and decorate them in any way you like. Maybe like this one with lots of glitter, sticking and hole punching:

Craft - magical flying wrist bands

…or you could keep it simple like these ones:

Craft - magical flying wrist bands 2

Then sellotape the paper strips into circles and wear them like a wristband. It’s now up to your child’s imagination to try out some flying or, if you’re feeling energetic, you could play too and whizz them around the room like superman. Here’s one of our Twinklesteps fans trying out her magical wristbands:

Flying with magical wristbands

If you want to see the original flying wrist bands, here’s a picture of Jett. Find out more about him and the rest of Twinklesteps World here.


We hope you enjoyed this activity. Let us know how you get on and make sure to post any of your own crafty wrist bands on our Facebook page. If you enjoy our blog posts, make sure you subscribe to get them pinging straight into your inbox. Look over to your right and hit the ‘ooo yes please’ button 😉

Happy Flying from the Twinklesteps team.

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