Twinklesteps Top Tips for a Fun-Filled Christmas

Can you hear the faint tinkling of bells in the distance? With only days to go until the big day we thought it was time for a few very special Twinkle Tips on having a fun-filled Christmas. Have a wonderful, magical Christmas everyone and make sure you follow tip 10 🙂

1)   Before the wrapping paper is cleared away have some fun with it. How about some juggling?

2)   See how many different flavours you can taste all day. Can you make it to 10, or 20!

Twinklesteps Tea Party

3)   Try some creative dancing to your favourite Christmas carols. Can you do a series of sautés to Ding Dong Merrily on High or dance a nautical tale to I Saw Three Ships? Make your own festive head dress using ivy, mistletoe and holly (if you’re careful – ouch!) to get you into character.

4)    Go on the hunt for your very own treasures to hang up as decorations. Here are some of Twinklesteps favourites:

Treasure decorations

5)   Leave a joke for santa. Cheer him up whilst he eats mince pies and sips his sherry before zipping off back up your chimney. How about this one:

Why was Cinderella such a poor football player? She had a pumpkin for a coach!

6)   Use your ballet shoes as a stocking – leave them out and see what goodies santa leaves behind!

Ballet shoes

7)   Try making your own tutu out of tinsel. Tie a bit around your waist and loop a few more pieces over and over it. Can you dance like the sugar plum fairy?

8)   Try some ballet crafts. We love these snowflake ballerinas (template here):

Snowflake Ballerina Craft

Snowflake Ballerina Craft

9)   Worn out? Have some fun and try our dressing up Twinklesteps game.

10)  And finally, make sure you give out plenty of cuddles 😉

twinklesteps and her cat

HAPPY CHRISTMAS from the Twinkle Team xx

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