Our first magical ballet book for children is now live!

We’re bubbling over with excitement to announce our first book, ‘Twinklesteps and the Disappearing Birdsong‘ is now published! Copies are flying off the shelves like disappearing birds to letterboxes all over the country, sprinkling magic and adventure wherever they land.

Here’s a sneaky preview of the book:

“Twinklesteps pointed her feet. Her magic shoes flashed and sparkled. The birds opened their beaks but no sound came out! Not a tweet or a cheep or a whistle.”


The aim of the book is to spread a love of dance and ballet to young children by transporting them into a world of magical adventure with Twinklesteps the fairy ballerina as an inspiring role model. References to ballet are sprinkled throughout the book and children are encouraged to think, question and take part with Twinklesteps as the story unravels.

The book is suitable for readers aged 6 + to read alone or for parents to share with younger children.

“I liked Twinklesteps because she was kind. And I liked the little purple bird but not the goblin.” Freya aged 3 1/2

“A really fun book to read with my child. I loved the interactive nature of the book and the beautiful illustrations. A sure indicator that it was well written was that I was asked to read it from cover to cover three times in quick succession!” Marie, parent

Special Offer: To go with the magical theme of the book, we have a very special introductory offer for you. Buy from our shop now and you’ll receive the book for just £4.99 with a cute little bottle of fairy dust in a gorgeous pink organza bag. Buy here.

8 thoughts on “Our first magical ballet book for children is now live!

      1. kimrauker

        I apologize, It’s back now, I had deleted it thinking everyone that was interested already used the information. It takes up so much room on my blog. I need to figure this blog thing out so things have their place.

        Can’t wait to see your answers to the 10 questions!

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